Artist Signhild






Art School Alfa Art, Repin institute



Ostrobothnia, Finland

Espoo, Finland

Colour and Happy combinations, portrait in old masters style

Art Community
Board member in Espoo Art, Eurooppalainen kulttuuriyhdistys



I come originally from the Ostrobotnia in the western part of Finland. Nowadays I live in Espoo near the capital of Helsinki.


Art and painting has always been important to me, and so they will remain. They repay you much because one can express and develop oneself all the time. Often my paintings are connected to the Ostrobotnia, where you can see old-fashioned red houses all over the place.


I want to paint a simplified reality where people will find themselves at home. I like bright colours and unique combinations. I would like to simplify our complicated world so that one can understand it better.